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Product Features

Storm Rider Wetsuits

Mahulu wetsuits are the most eco-friendly, high-performance suits around.

  • Made from oyster shells - not Petroleum
  • Outperforms the competition
  • Unrivaled comfort, warmth and flexibility


Epic Roadtrip

Customer Voices

“I’m a serious surfer and this wetsuit is super high-performance and has all the bells and whistles I want in my gear. It’s super flexible and feels so comfortable. The quality of the stitching just seems like it’s going to last a long time.

Austin. R / Facebook

Honestly, even if Mahulu wasn’t all about sustainability, the Storm Rider on the back of the suit AND the mirrored sunglasses are having people stop me and ask me where I got my gear!

Mark Jance / Facebook

EA seashell wetsuit is a game changer. However, what’s more is that Mahulu’s ethos is all about the oceans. Their “Virtuous Cycle” concept and coral reef restoration efforts are what makes them stand out.

Stan B.