Meet the team

Gray Robinson

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

In 2019 Gray broke both of his legs after a fall of 7 meters and ended up in a wheelchair for 6 months. He used this down time wisely and set off to build the world’s most high performance eco-friendly wetsuit and water sports apparel brand… and Mahulu was born.
Gray’s passion for water sports and business has always been evident in his lifestyle. He is a certified SCUBA Instructor and taught kitesurfing for over 21 years and developed industry-leading teaching methodologies. His penchant for business building began with the development of an international brand of kitesurfing and paddle yoga schools spanning 3 continents.
Gray not only loves being on or under the ocean, but he was nurtured to have a deep respect and concern for the health and protection of our oceans.

Peter Stein

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Peter has both B2B and B2C experience launching and growing multiple companies in a variety of industries, including high-tech, real estate, hospitality, (furniture) manufacturing and now, apparel. His specialty is getting things done in a focused way and always reaching the goal. While not yet an expert kite-surfer, he SCUBA dove the Great Barrier Reef in its prime and is impassioned to rebuild reefs around the world.

He also has a large cranium

Geordy Richards

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Geordy cut his operational teeth as a Battery Operations Officer in the Army’s Field Artillery back in the day. He has experience running his own small business, managing a farm, writing and teaching across multiple disciplines. He is a novice kite surfer, intermediate eFoiler, an expert skier and he once lacerated the length of his face while “surfing” off Noosa Heads. (Yes, he came off the board and squeegeed the sand with his cheeks.) He also dove the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns in his prime. Like his Bermudian children, he champions the active replenishment of the coral reefs that feed our marine life while protecting our beaches and shorelines.

Dan Perowne

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Dan moved to Bermuda in 2003, met Gray and the group were the instigators of kitesurfing on the island at that time. A year later he left and continued moving around the world working in various places. A highly technical consultant with over 25 years of international experience across many varied markets including Banking and Finance, Education, Enterprise, Entertainment, Gaming, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Media, Monetary Affairs, Production, Retail, Smart City/IoT, Systems Integration, Telecommunications/ISP, Transport and Warehousing, Cloud-based Managed Service Providers. Now living on the Gold Coast, Australia, an avid kitesurfer and conscious environmentalist.