Eco-friendly doesn’t mean sustainable. Other wetsuits claim to minimize their impact on the planet, we want to maximize ours. We’re regenerating the planet, not destroying it. That’s an impact we want to maximize with our neoprene-free ecofoam.

People, Planet, Profit. In that order. Businesses of the 21st century must improve the lives of every person and ecosystems they touch. Let’s build something new together.

The Virtuous Cycle Model

Not taking from the environment isn’t new.  Any decent outdoorsman knows to leave a campsite cleaner than they found it.  What is new is our complete Virtuous Cycle of commerce. 

Even before the moment a customer buys our product the cycle begins. It starts with the creation of our high performance, environmentally friendly products. At the point of sale, a portion of every purchase goes directly towards the regeneration of an ecosystem related to that product.

The cycle comes to a close when the consumer recycles that product (or a competitor’s) with us – thereby beginning a new life cycle.  In that process, our customers transform from consumers to  regenerators. 

They become part of Mahulu’s ecologically virtuous narrative.

The Virtuous Cycle of the Mahulu Wetsuit

When you purchase one, the cycle begins: 2% of all sales go to regenerating coral reefs around the world. 

When you wear one, you are part of the solution as you are not wrapped in a petroleum byproduct, but instead wearing a sustainable, eco-friendly product.

When you’re done with one, you send us the wetsuit and we recycle it and give you a discount on your new suit and the cycle begins anew.

Made for People. Made for The Planet.